If you are driving southbound on Belleview Ave, stay in the left lane and as you pass W 48th St there will be a left turn lane up ahead which will take you down into the garage. There are elevators in the garage and JJ’s is on Level 1.

The other entrance for the garage is on Roanoke Pkwy. If you are northbound on Ward Pkwy, as you turn onto Roanoke, once you cross the bridge and pass the intersection the entrance is an immediate left turn before you reach the Fontaine. If you miss the first turn, you can turn left onto the road with between the Fontaine & Polsinelli buildings. Continue on this road and take a left turn onto Belleview and stay in the left turn lane which takes you into the Bellview garage entrance.

JJ’s will validate parking for the garage so guests will need to bring in their tickets for the garage.